Consulting services at Guiding ArtsTM are specifically designed for artists and arts organizations. You can trust that you will be working with someone who understands the challenges and demands of the arts world and is invested in providing solutions that can allow you to spend more time on your individual and organizational goals.



widget-mediationMediation is a dynamic process where each party is encouraged to engage fully in a facilitated conversation. As a mediator, my role is to help create an environment where the parties can feel comfortable and supported as they open themselves up to exploring creative solutions and seeking a meaningful and enduring resolution to conflict.



widget-GrantWritingFundraising is an essential part of the success of any nonprofit organization. Individuals also seek funding solutions for projects. Guiding ArtsTM provides a variety of services to support fundraising efforts including grant proposal writing, grant reporting, donor prospect research and comprehensive strategic and business planning.



Ewidget-workshopsducating the arts community is one of the primary goals of Guiding ArtsTM. We provide workshops and presentations which can be customized to target a specific type of visual or performing artist or be open to the arts community at large. We also offer educational programs highlighting the benefits of Mediation and conflict resolution as an alternative to litigation.
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