Cecelia’s Story

I have a background as an arts administrator, artist representative, attorney, mediator and professional musician. At some points, I’ve actually worn all of those hats at the same time! Since my journey is an unusual one, I thought I would share a bit about who I am and why I feel uniquely qualified to work with you.


I started my career in the arts in Hampton, Virginia at the age of six.  I was a natural at the violin and began performing professionally within a few short years. As the years passed, I was a frequent soloist with orchestras, a member of local student and professional orchestras, and I played in a variety of chamber music groups. Beginning at age 14, I received the majority of my formalized musical training at The Juilliard School, where I was able to work with and learn from some of the most gifted students and teachers in the world.


Upon graduating from The Juilliard School with Bachelor and Master of Music degrees, I chose to stay in New York City and freelance. Neither auditioning for orchestras nor pursuing a solo career seemed right for me. Clearly, my non-traditional path was already emerging. I enjoyed an exciting and successful career as a violinist performing with international superstars in concert and on tour as well as in Broadway shows, classical orchestras, ballet orchestras, and on countless recording projects. But despite so many wonderful experiences, I longed for something more.


I attended law school at night while playing Ragtime on Broadway by day. How I was drawn into the law still remains a mystery to me, but it was an invaluable education that has worked in tandem with the creative, artistic side of me that is the undeniable driving force in my professional life. Following law school, I felt the pull to return to music and created my first opportunity to integrate arts and the law. I became an artist representative, providing career and business support to performing artists.


My next significant move led me to my dual roles as a nonprofit arts administrator and attorney at Juilliard. I could not have predicted that the uncharted roads I traveled would lead me back to a place that had been so important to me. Again, the opportunity to learn, create and develop was inspiring and challenging. But, after some time, I realized that it was time for me to take on a more expansive role in the arts. I incorporated music, law, client advocacy, nonprofit management and conflict resolution skills and  … bit by bit, piece by piece … put it all together.

Guiding Arts LLCTM was born out of my enthusiasm to utilize the breadth of my skills and talent to assist artists and arts organizations in realizing their visions.

If my multifaceted arts experience seems like a good match for you or your organization, then click here to schedule a free consultation!



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