her knowledge and skill evident

I spoke with Cecelia Hobbs Gardner of Guiding Arts LLC today during an initial consult to discuss my project. She efficiently gathered important information and was able to make several meaningful suggestions for ways to achieve my goals. Her straightforward approach and attention to detail were reassuring, her knowledge and skill evident. She immediately identified potential pitfalls and offered concrete suggestions for ways to avoid them. I am confident that,  with Cecelia's guidance, my dream project will soon be reality.

Mimi Sinclair, Director
Music Therapy Services, LLC

extraordinary constellation of talents

It is rare to find in one person such an extraordinary constellation of talents so perfectly suited to meet the comprehensive needs of artists and arts organizations. Cecelia Hobbs Gardner is an attorney/ mediator and Juilliard-trained violinist. Her intelligence, compassion and incredible work ethic are a given. What sets her apart is her uncanny ability to so quickly grasp the complexities of any situation or dispute and articulate with clarity what’s needed to guide resolution. She does this with warmth and humor. Without hesitation, I recommend Cecelia and Guiding Arts LLC to arts organizations of all sizes.

Maryellen Shea, Senior Counsel - Houston Office
Jackson Walker L.L.P.

A source for great guidance

Since starting our design business, Dan and John Life, we have had several brainstorming and consulting sessions with Cecelia Hobbs Gardner of Guiding Arts LLC, and appreciate very much the original thinking and unique guidance she brings to all discussions. Her ability to see the big picture, and also understand the finer details of a particular challenge, make her a valued aide. By asking smart questions, and listening, she quickly analyzes a situation and contributes valuable ideas and solutions with infectious enthusiasm.

John Roynon and Dan Pacek
Dan and John Life

You will be in the best of hands

I had the pleasure of meeting Cecelia Hobbs Gardner in 2009 when she sought me out and  struck up a conversation following a presentation of mine. Little did I know that it would be the start of a lasting relationship. Cecelia is a treasured client, colleague, and now also friend. I am beyond thrilled that she has launched her new business, Guiding Arts LLC. It is the embodiment of years of experience and education and serves as a platform for Cecelia to help artists, arts organizations, and nonprofits.

Cecelia has a unique background that enables her to serve her clients from so many different perspectives. She is an accomplished artist herself, having played the violin professionally throughout her lifetime. She has also served as an artist representative, arts consultant, mediator, grant writer, higher education administrator, and lawyer. To be able to find all of these talents and skills in one person may seem too good to be true;  but, thankfully, Cecelia lives up to her pedigree. She has the formal education and training one would want of an arts and nonprofit consultant, bolstered by innate talents and skills honed by years of experience in the arts world. Her intellectual curiosity and emotional intelligence are extraordinary. She possesses superb writing skills, is fair minded and well reasoned, detail oriented, and has excellent communication skills.

It has been an absolute privilege to watch the evolution of her career, as she has cleverly merged her background, talents, skills, interests, training and education to create a business that allows her to do what she does best and help a lot of people and organizations. If you are looking for an arts consultant, mediator, grant writer, or anything else that falls within Cecelia’s wheelhouse of expertise, I highly recommend you reach out to her. You will be in the best of hands.

Lisa Montanaro, Productivity Consultant, Success Coach, Business Strategist, Author and Speaker
Lisa Montanaro Global Enterprises LLC

one of the most skillful and knowledgeable nonprofit consultants

Cecelia Hobbs Gardner of Guiding Arts LLC helped our nonprofit organization prepare for a social media campaign at one of the busiest times of the year. The research she conducted for us was among the most thorough that we have seen from any consultant, and she stayed in communication with our organization for the duration of the project, which was crucial to our success. Cecelia is one of the most skillful and knowledgeable nonprofit consultants I have ever worked with. Her creativity and wide array of talents make her an invaluable contributor in the nonprofit sector.

Anja Wood, Cellist and President
Lelt Foundation

professional and incredibly well-versed

I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Cecelia Hobbs Gardner of Guiding Arts LLC on a number of occasions and have always found her to be thorough and professional. She is incredibly well-versed in all aspects of the music business and, as a talented musician herself, she brings an intimate knowledge of the business to the table.

Matt Dine, Principal Oboe
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Cecelia is an absolute GEM!

Cecelia Hobbs Gardner of Guiding Arts LLC stands out to me as one of the best. She just gets it. She is able to maintain her role as a neutral to the dispute while still managing to be warm and compassionate with the parties. Whatever your side of the story, she really listens; and because of that, she is able to successfully and expertly help guide the parties towards reaching an agreement that they create. Mediation is a tricky business because no party will ever end up getting everything they want; but when working with Cecelia, I know that the parties feel well taken care of and confident that they are in good hands.

Rebecca Eve Selkowe, Attorney and Founder
Financial Fitness with Rebecca Eve

Advice for a Great Life

I have had the great honor to work with Cecelia Hobbs Gardner of Guiding Arts LLC  for five years as she mentored and coached me in the transition from being a successful conservatory student to a successful professional working in the field of music. Her keen insights have helped me make key decisions that have enhanced both my personal and professional growth and development. Without Ms. Gardner I simply don’t know where I would be because hard work simply isn’t enough. In reality, everyone needs a clear voice of reason and encouragement when things become difficult and Ms. Gardner has been that voice for me. One of the greatest outcomes of my relationship with Ms. Gardner is that I can now call her more than simply a career coach -- she is a dear friend. Finally, I think of the classic Beatles song, With A Little Help from My Friends. If you’re in need of a little help, let me recommend Ms. Gardner. I promise she’ll be that friend.

Hassan Anderson, Oboist

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